SADA Combatives

S.A.D.A Combatives

Welcome to SADA, recognised as a Foundation System for Fluid Adaption.  

The founder and head instructor of SADA is, Adam Tibbitts, p5th Degree Black Belt (Fluid Adaption).

The SADA system of self protection has been developed over 35 years of practice and training in the Martial Arts. It is specifically designed to work with the body's natural flinch reflex, making it easier and faster to learn. The goal of SADA is to generate real life protective skills in as short a period as possible. We want you to be able to protect yourself relatively quickly compared to other systems and so we teach techniques that work, that can be utilised immediately, no fancy spinning kicks or flying arm locks. Just effective self protection techniques. Gain the self confidence you've been looking for, with our psychological and stress training. Know and work with your bodies natural fight or flight instincts.


Instructor Certifications, Private Tuition, Executive Training Courses, Self Protection Courses, SADA Seminars, Bodyguard / Security Training, Celebrity Protection & Training Specialists.

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