Fluid Adaption Martial Arts

Survive     -     Succeed     -     Heal     -     Thrive    -     Inspire

"Be like water my friend" 

Bruce Lee




All welcome - both beginners and experienced martial artists

Click on Castlemaine, S.A.D.A Combatives, Templestowe, or Western Suburbs for more details

Advanced Training Dates 2017

Advanced Training Days 2017

(10:00am to 12:00pm)

              Date                      Location

              05/03/2017     -     Champions

              13/08/2017     -     Resilience

              10/08/2017     -     Resilience

              12/11/2017     -     Resilience

($20 participation fee, spectators free)         

Fluid Adaption Senjo 2017

(10:00am to 2:00pm)

               Date                      Location

               21/05/2017     -     Resilience

               22/10/2017     -     Resilience

($20 participation fee, spectators free)


Resilience Training Center, 86 Buckley Street, Footsgray

Champions Boxing & Fitness, 6A Gabrelle Court, Bayswater North

Fluid Adaption Camp 2017

Friday 28/04/2017 to Sunday 30/04/2017

Details coming soon!!!

'The Warrior Path' 

Fluid Adaption Black Belt Grading Day 2016


Congratulations to the following members from our little training group who were awarded ranks & titles.

A great effort by all!

Karl Jenkins - 5th Degree Black Belt

Alex Kontouris - P4th Degree Black Belt

Sam Hopper - 3rd Degree Black Belt (confirmed), Sensei

Vince Scaffidi - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Paul Lica - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Rick Gawel - P2nd Degree Black Belt

Chad Horvath - P2nd Degree Black Belt