Fluid Adaption Martial Arts

About T.F.N The Fluid Network

T.F.N The Fluid Network is a not for profit association that governs the practice of Fluid Adaption.  All students of Fluid Adaption are required to become members of the association.  

2015 Fluid Adaption Committee of Management


Vice President:



Ordinary Members:

Daryl Davis

Sam Hopper

Mitch Bayliss

Chad Hovath

Karl Jenkins, Andrew Ramacciotti, John Baruta, Paul Lica

2015 Operational Sub-Committee Members



Daryl Davis

Mitch Bayliss

2015 Association Goals

  1. Grow the membership of Fluid Adaption Martial Arts

  2. Grow the quality of martial arts practiced by members
  3. Establish a strong financial base for the association 

Membership Application

To join Fluid Adaption please complete the Registration form below and forward to the address listed on the form.