Fluid Adaption Martial Arts

Scope of Fluid Adaption Practice:

Fluid Adaption is an open martial art, that as a principle based martial art, is inclusive of all other martial arts.  Aside from training in Fluid Adaption, members cross train in a range of other martial arts (e.g. MMA, Kick Boxing, Zen Do Kai, Goju Freestyle, Boxing, Kempo 5.0, AMOK), or engage in personal training, or back yard training with fellow martial artists.  While this diversity of practice by Fluid Adaption members provides a challenge to establishing a Fluid Adaption coherent system, it also provides a wonderful adaptive advantage, as it is in diversity of practice Fluid Adaption finds strength and ongoing evolution of the system. 

The following framework provides a way of  integrating the broad range of martial arts practice that Fluid Adaption practitioners may actually be engaged.    

  • Complementary Systems cross training in established martial arts systems that are complementary to Fluid Adaption practice
  • Foundation Systems Established martial arts systems that integrate Fluid Adaption principles and thereby provide a entry point for new students to Fluid Adaption, and a pathway to Black Belt
  • Specialist Subsystems Martial arts systems that are evolving into a possible future form of Fluid Adaption Foundation Practice, or systems developed by Fluid Adaption practitioners with a specialist focus
  • Integrated System ‘The Warrior Path’ Integrative training aimed interpersonal adaption and preparing Fluid Adaption practitioners for attempting black belt grades.
  • Contextual Practice Workshops and seminars that support adaption to specific contextually based self defence situations

 Current Fluid Adaption Sub-Systems being taught:

Street Boxing - A foundation Fluid Adaption practice that begins with boxing skills and gradually expands to include a wide range of combat sports and reality based self defence skills, Street Boxing adapts sports training fighting for self defence and is similar in practice to self defence arts such as Krav Maga.  Utilizing the Fluid Adaption free fighting as it’s basis for sparring (as opposed to combat sport methods of sparring) this is high energy practice that offers graded steps that develop a practitioner’s ability to evade and strike with power in order to deal successfully with a wide range of hand to hand and weapon self based defence scenarios, including defending against groups of thugs on the street and home invasion.

Ryu Ken Ku Karate -Based on 1980’s Bobcat Zen Do Kai, 'Ryu Ken Ku' or ‘Dragon’s Fist Way’ is a freestyle karate and a foundation Fluid Adaption practice that blends together a strong code of martial arts ethics and values with, meditation, kata training, free fighting, martial arts weapons, and self defence practice.  It is an open and dynamic martial art, inclusive of martial arts traditions and grading for belts, that is suitable for people of all ages.

Fluid Combat - Closely centred on the core practice and principles of Fluid Adaption, this art is both a foundation and advanced Fluid Adaption practice focussed on learning the skills and knowledge that simultaneously enables adaption to the chaotic and asocial nature of street violence as well as the rich complexity of everyday life.  Fluid Defence includes both hand to hand defence and street weapon defence, with the practice simular in approach to arts such as Systema and Guided Chaos.  Practice in Street Boxing, Ryu Ken Ku, or simular foundation art is recommended, but not necessary, to learning Fluid Defence

Given the broad range of martial arts experience of Fluid Adaption members and as Fluid Adaption is an evolving martial art, further expressions of Fluid Adaption as sub-systems will emerge over time.