Fluid Adaption Martial Arts

Mitch Bayliss

Started Martial Arts: 7 March 1979, aged 14

Foundation Arts: Zen Do Kai, Kickboxing

Rank: 6th Degree Black Belt

Title: Kyoshi - 'Master Teacher'

Club: Castlemaine

Key Strengths: teaching, free fighting, hand to hand defence, street and traditional weapons, meditation, creativity and innovation in the martial arts.

Main Influences: Percy Lanciana, Raffaele Lanciana, Maurice Garnier, Bob Jones, Suzanna Daily, Paul Fyfeild, Mark Beverstock, and Enis Murtic.  Watching Bruce Lee movies, reading martial arts classics, chaos theory, psychology

Career Highlights: Bulleen Bobcat Instructor 1983 - 1998; BJC Best Up and Coming Tournament Fighter 1982; ZDK Free Fighting champion 1985 (Novice Black) and 1991 (Advanced Black); ZDK Free Combat Champion 1985; tournament battles against Daryl Davis; watching Percy Lanciana and Andrew Ramacciotti complete Nidan; Self Defence classes with Soke Bob Jones; Black Belt instructor on BJC Wildcat Summer Camps. 

Current Interests: Teaching & researching martial arts; Reality Based Martial Arts; Meditation; Martial Arts as psychotherapy; Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate; exploring the relationship between patterns (Kata), combat and life; keeping fit, healthy, and generally ageing well.  

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Daryl Davis

Started Martial Arts: September 1979, aged 16

Foundation Arts: Zen Do Kai, Kickboxing

Rank: 6th Degree Black Belt

Title: Kyoshi - 'Master Teacher'

Club: Supporting all clubs

Key strengths: teaching, kicking ability and weapons, (Katana / Sai / Walking stick)

Main Influences:  Brian Agar, Raffaele Lanciana, Maurice Garnier, Bob Jones, Rod Catterall, Percy Lanciana, Joe Lanciana, Mitch Bayliss, and Paul Basford.

Career Highlights: Being awarded my first Black belt at the Melbourne Town hall Senjo in 1983. Head instructor at the Broadmeadows Dojo, producing 80+ black belts, twice Victorian Champion in Weapon combat and Weapon Kata. Many times winner in the Wildcats association fight team, numerous free fight tournament wins, performing advanced martial arts demonstrations at the Melbourne Town hall and many shopping centres, planning and managing the Wildcat annual Senjo grading’s with up to 100 participants each year, being a member on the Wildcat steering committee, (setting policy and direction). 

Current Interests: Continuous learning in the martial arts, helping people be the best they can be in mind, body and spirt, through my own life’s learnings and my martial arts ability.

John Baruta

Started Martial Arts: 1983, aged 14

Rank: 5th Degree Black Belt

Foundation Arts: Zen Do Kai, Zen Shi Do (founder)

Title: Shihan - 'Master Instructor'

Instructor at: Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs

Key Strengths: 

Main Influences: Mitch Bayliss, Gerry Simeone, Simon Polsma, and also watching my son Brandon using weaponry.

Career Highlights: Producing my own Black Belts in Zen Do Kai and Zenshido Karate

Current Interests: Building and renovating houses, learning Fluid Adaption, and playing squash.  

Andrew Ramacciotti

Started Martial Arts: 1985, aged

Foundation Arts: Zen Do Kai, Kickboxing

Rank: P.5th Degree Black Belt

Title: Shihan - 'Master Instructor'

Instructor at: Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs

Key strengths: teaching, free fighting

Main Influences:  

Career Highlights: 

Current Interests:

Karl Jenkins

Started Martial Arts: 1982, aged 11

Foundation Arts: Judo, Zen Do Kai, Kickboxing

Rank: P.5th Degree Black Belt

Title: Shihan - 'Master Instructor'

Instructor at: Melbourne - Western Bulldogs

Key strengths: Coaching, Pad Holding for Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts specific striking, Sparring in Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA. 

Main Influences:  John Scida, Frank Lanciana, Peter Alexsopoulis Bob Jones, Mitch Bayliss, Sam Zarafa, Machine Gun Charlie, Frank DiBlasi, Rick Bradley, Joe Tosic,  Steve Aldersly, John Beckman and Ray Cannon.  Working Security for 15 years.

Career Highlights: Receiving my Black Belt and Gold Bushido Cross from John Scida.  Producing my first Zen Do Kai Black Belt Peter Pum at my Bacchus MarshDojoin 1993. Fighting as a Heavyweight Kick-boxer in 1994.  Breaking my leg in October 1994 in my second kickboxing fight, which gave me an opportunity to develop my Coaching ability. Supporting John Scida in the corner over the years.

Current Interests: Teaching & researching martial arts; Fluid Adaption; Martial Arts as psychotherapy; MMA; collecting Martial Arts book and reading them all.  Free fighting with Sam Hopper.  Dealing with violence and aggression.

Adam Tibbitts

Started Martial Arts: 1979

Foundation Arts: Muay Thai, Gung Fu, & Japanese Jujitsu

Rank: P.5th Degree Black Belt

Title: Shihan - 'Master Instructor'

Instructor at: Craigieburn & Castlemaine

Key strengths: Australian Rep Bushinkai Ninjitsu 6th Dan; 7th Dan Bukikan Aikijitsu  Head of Family;  Head of System and Founder SADA COMBATIVES; Sifu Gau Lung Gung fu 3rd Dan Ko Sen Kai Karate; 1st Dan Judo and Sambo; Purple belt BJJ 

Main Influences:  Sakad Petchyndee, Benny Urquidez, Dana Goodson, Laos Toohey, Nick Talakouris

Career Highlights: Winning IMTU light Heavyweight Muay Thai title and winning OCSA heavyweight title. Founding and teaching the SADA System.

Current Interests: 


Started Martial Arts: 1985, aged 9

Foundation Arts: Judo, Boxing Kickboxing, Zen Do Kai

Rank: 3rd Degree Black Belt

Title: Sensei - 'Teacher'

Instructor at: Melbourne - Western Bulldogs

Career Highlights: trained in judo with Phil Richardson at the Doncaster TRY judo club and then at the Ivanhoe Grammar Judo Club; started kickboxing with Andrew Ramaciotti, Mitch Bayliss and Enes Murtic in 1990 at East Doncaster Kickboxing and Zen Do Kai at Bulleen Bobcats soon after; received black belt from Sensei Mitch Bayliss in 1996; trained with Rod Caterall at Caterall Allstars from 1998; boxed at St Kilda PCYC then fought under Dave Spackman and Paul Layton at the Oakleigh Youth Club; trains at Leo Berry's Richmond Boxing Gym; returned to martial arts with Sensei Mitch in 2014 and was awarded Second Degree blackbelt in October 2014.

Current Interests: fluid adaption, boxing, kickboxing and grappling.

Paul Lica

Started Martial Arts: 

Foundation Arts: Zen Do Kai

Rank: 2nd Degree Black Belt

Title: Dai Sempai - 'Senior Instructor'

Instructor at: Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs

Career Highlights: 

Current Interests: